I am an Italian financial advisor from 2007.

I’ve always worked in different company as a tied agent.

When I entered this world 10 years ago I was told that

Money is in the List


The man who told me that mantra was one of the most productive advisors of the company, with 2 decade of experience in the business and a huge number of newbie trained.


With “money is in the list” he meant that I was due to write down the whole list of my parents, my friends and all the people I could possibly contact because they were all prospect for my new business.


They roughly know what my business was but they weren’t interested to become my clients.

But above all, they didn’t ask for my help!

“…You start from your contacts list because they are easier, they give you the appointment without any problems and then sign up equally easily…”


my manager was used repeating such ideas in the beginning.


The list became every day longer.


All the people with whom I had some kind of relationship went to the list: electrician, plumber, mechanic, bartender, …

Basically, they didn’t asked for my advices and has a really roughly idea what my business was.


Ended up calling friends, relatives and acquaintances,

It starts with cold calls.

If you have to call people who do not know you personally, do not know the brand you are working for, and not exactly what your job is, but above all that they have not cheeked for you, it is equivalent to receiving a “NO, THANKS” even before you raise your phone.


Hours and hours throwaway calling people who did not even want to listen to me.

In the years between 2007 and 2011, he averaged between 30,000 and 50,000 cold calls each year with poor results.


My name is Giacomo Bianchi and I am a financial advisor” I usually said.

“Fuck off!” usually answered them.


I was absolutely convinced that selling was not just a psychological activity, which could be “trained” with special techniques.

I thought it was more of a set of skills that had to be exercised and refined through a scientific process and absolutely replicable.


I had come to the point of screwing me into this spiral of demotivation, low attachment to work, poor customer service, depression … I had to get out of my way somehow to get to what I saw as my goals

And I started asking a question.

“Why do not the people I call do not even want to hear what I have to say?”

Because I lack in the focus of my activity

When I gained the idea of becoming an expert in a particular area of my business (e.g. retirement) I thought I would lose other customers and thinning my profits.


I realize it’s contrarian, but it’s the main course to follow for success.


I Knew I had to change something and I was trying to figure out what.


I could not believe that the sale was solely linked to personal motivation, without there being a minimum of method or skills to be trained.


Listening continually

  • “I have to think about it,”
  • “I have to talk to my wife / husband,”
  • “I call you when I decided,” my self-esteem was definitely down.

In periodic feedback, they told me to change jobs because they saw the commitment, but the results were poor.

They also told me that the results were so poor because I did not think the products we sold were the best.

I was involved with my colleagues in weekly training sessions where the sole purpose was to motivate counsellors to sell more.

The purpose was not to explain how to increase sales and bargain for the company’s growth.

The growth of the company was to take place with the mathematical basis she was telling:


100 contacts = 10 appointments = 3 closures.

My idea was that this technique worked in the past when there was no Internet and when the macro economy turned more fluidly.

Now with the spread of the Internet the customer was more and more informed and informed about what he should look for.

But I knew little or nothing about the internet!

I did not know how to create and how you ran a site, a Facebook page, or an Instagram account.

I did not know what a landing page was or how it was created.

And I did not even know what it was or how an autoresponder would work.

But my desire for revenge was as great as my ignorance of these matters.

I spent months studying, writing and not applying my theories.

I wanted to be esteemed and recognized as a consultant, I wanted to be at the top of the charts that showed up at the meeting every few weeks, I wanted to be successful.

In fact, I have experienced on my skin the question that allows you to dig deeper into understanding the real motivations that drive the human being to action.

The secret question is “WHY?”

Digging deeply, repeating the question for 5, 6 or even more times you will discover the root of the actions of the person you are in front of.


He worked on me exactly like that, and he helped me to find that my longing for success was related not to a dictum of affirmation, but definitely that my girlfriend and my family loves me.


Yes, I want only that my families loves me.


But there was a problem, as I mentioned before.


Online business was hopefully the great solution to all of my problems, but I wasn’t able to do anything online.


I wasn’t skilled for building a Facebook Fan page or using an auto responder or yet I wasn’t expert in copywriting or online advertising.


And the worst is that this skills change absolutely quickly, so I did not even have time to study them.


I imagined that it was difficult to follow all the innovations of the industry, also because I was looking for the most up-to-date techniques to acquire new clients in my work.


To cope with this (presumed) difficulty, I was reluctant to buy new courses, spending so much money and time, without ever taking action.


Not to mention the fact that I had no idea where to start …


I had a lot of courses, read a lot of books, tried and tested on my sites, but still nothing.


Or rather, some lean results were seen, but at the price of what effort … and without even considering that my cases were beginning to empty.


My consultant gains all came to software, books, and courses to learn my new job.


The really turning point was only due to moving the first step.


Amateur, ugly, not professional but it is really important to keep moving


The great mistake I was doing in the past few month was continuously buy course, book, video… and never keep moving. 


In this blog I’d love sharing with you all the pages studied during this months and the useful tips and experiments to get better in lead generation for small business.


Any comments are really welcomed!