4 Tips For Optimizing Your Landing Page


If you are looking for an amazing customer experience for those who land on your website you need a landing page.


This is the webpage on which all traffic to your website lands after being directed from a specific search result.


For example they come from Google or Facebook Ads or after clicking a link in an email.


As a smart web business owner, you need to ensure that you achieve SEO goals like:


  • building your web sales;
  • increasing your article marketing sign-ups;
  • Having your website visitors respond positively to your call to action message.


Just read through these top 4 tips for optimizing your landing page given below and apply them to your website promotion campaign to see instant results using proven website SEO techniques!


Provide Original, Optimized Website Copy For Landing Page


It is important to research best keywords for your business, integrate these naturally into original website copywriting.


 It is absolutely important  having your target reader’s dilemma in mind while educating to take the next step.


Provide at least 200 – 500 words of

  • original,
  • keyword rich,
  • quality copywriting

on your landing page strive to build trust to make your website visitor stick around to take the necessary action.

Ensure Landing Page Message Matches The One On Your Banner or Search Ad


If you want to ensure the best visitor experience on your landing page, you need to match the message between your landing page and the content of your website.


If you have different messages, you will only end up confusing the visitor and driving traffic away.


So, don’t miss out on any opportunity to convert visitors into buyers.


For best SEO results, ensure the message on your web page coincides with your advertising campaign.


Provide Two Calls To Action On Your Landing Page


The best SEO tactic include a minimum of 2 clear calls to action.


So your visitor feels privileged to get choices, not obligated to just follow your instructions.


If you want to target the spontaneous buyer, place your first call to action button or message on your landing page’s top portion.


For the most discerning buyer who needs more info, place the second one at the end of the page.


Simplify Your Website Conversion Process


When a web business owner provides a simple and quick conversion process, there are higher chances of selling more products as compared to one that has a complicated conversion method (long order forms, excessive navigation or too many clicks required, etc.) on his website.


Control the need to up-sell multiple products, which only confuses or annoys visitors looking for something specific that directed them to your landing page.


Instead, focus on that specific product, limiting up-selling for any follow-up calls made by the visitor.


In case, your web host provides a tracking tool, or if the visitor leaves personal details in your order form, it is all right for you to conduct a follow-up on their requirement, but restrict this to a later date.


Thus, to build your web business, ensure that your website copy contains original, optimized content that coincides with your other marketing messages, provide clear calls to action for your prospects and win them over with customer-friendly site navigation.


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